Class 7 Speed Maths: 7 Things You Must Improve

Welcome to the world of Class 7 speed maths! As you embark on your journey to enhance your mathematical skills, mastering mental arithmetic and employing clever mental math hacks will be key to your success. In this blog, we'll delve into the seven essential aspects of speed math for Class 7, incorporating Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course techniques to elevate your mathematical skills to new heights.

1. Multiplication Tricks:
Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course introduces ingenious multiplication tricks tailored for speed maths class 7 students. These hacks, such as leveraging the commutative property, distributive property and recognizing special multiplication patterns, techniques empower you to swiftly tackle multiplication problems with confidence and accuracy.

2. Division Shortcuts:
Say goodbye to lengthy division processes! With Welcome2Maths' division shortcuts, Speed maths Class 7 students can breeze through division problems effortlessly. Learn to apply divisibility rules and clever estimation techniques to streamline your division calculations and save valuable time during exams.

3. Addition and Subtraction Strategies:

Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course equips Speed maths Class 7 students with effective addition and subtraction strategies. From carrying over to regrouping, these techniques enable you to perform mental math with ease and precision, ensuring swift problem-solving in any scenario.

4. Memorizing Key Facts:

In Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course, Speed maths Class 7 students reinforce essential mathematical facts through targeted memorization techniques. By committing multiplication tables, squares, and cubes to memory, you lay a solid foundation for advanced mathematical concepts while significantly enhancing your speed math skills.
Some maths techniques are follows- 

Fraction Simplification Techniques:
Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course teaches Class 7 speed maths students clever tricks for simplifying fractions quickly. By identifying common factors in the numerator and denominator, you can simplify fractions effortlessly. Additionally, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa can streamline calculations, enabling you to work with fractions more efficiently in various mathematical contexts.

Squaring Numbers Ending in 5:
A handy trick taught in Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course is squaring numbers ending in 5. For Class 7 speed maths students, this trick can be a game-changer. Simply take the digit before the 5, multiply it by itself plus 1, and append 25 to the result. For example, to square 35, take 3, multiply it by 4 (3 + 1), and append 25 to get 1225. This method allows you to quickly square two-digit numbers ending in 5 without the need for complex calculations.

 Finding Percentages Mentally:

Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course equips Class 7 speed maths students with techniques for finding percentages mentally. One such method involves breaking down percentages into simpler fractions or decimals. For example, to find 30% of a number, you can mentally calculate 10% and then multiply by 3. Similarly, finding 25% can be simplified by dividing the number by 4. These mental shortcuts enable you to compute percentages swiftly, making them invaluable tools for real-life problem-solving scenarios.

Checking Answers Using Estimation:
In Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course, Class 7 speed maths students learn the importance of checking answers using estimation. After solving a problem, take a moment to estimate the answer using rounding or approximation techniques. If your estimated answer is vastly different from your calculated answer, it's a signal to review your work and identify any potential errors. This habit of double-checking using estimation enhances accuracy and reinforces understanding, ensuring confidence in your mathematical abilities.

Integrating these math tricks into your repertoire can significantly enhance your speed and accuracy in Class 7 math. By mastering these techniques through Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course, you'll not only excel in speed maths but also develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty and efficiency of mathematics.

5. Mental Math Exercises:

Welcome2Maths encourages regular mental math exercises to sharpen speed maths Class 7 students' skills. Engage in timed drills, math games, and real-world problem-solving scenarios to apply your newfound speed math hacks and fortify your mental arithmetic abilities.

6. Developing Number Sense:

Welcome2Maths emphasizes the development of number sense in speed maths Class 7 students through practical exercises and interactive activities. By honing your ability to estimate, compare quantities, and identify number patterns, you cultivate a deeper understanding of numbers, facilitating quicker and more accurate mental calculations. 

7. Building Confidence:
Build confidence as you progress through Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course. Celebrate your progress, trust your instincts, and embrace a growth mindset as you tackle mathematical challenges with newfound proficiency and self-assurance.


In conclusion, Welcome2Maths' Master Calculation Course serves as a guiding light for speed maths Class 7 students seeking to master speed math. By incorporating mental math hacks, mental arithmetic techniques, and the invaluable lessons from Welcome2Maths, you're poised to excel in mathematics and unlock a world of endless possibilities.