How to Master Mental Math in 2 months?

Swarnali Saha

Swarnali Saha

Founder, Welcome2Maths | 15+ years as a Math Teacher & Life Skills Coach

What is Mental Math?

Mental Math is the ability to perform calculations in your head without the need for paper, a calculator, or any other aid. Imagine being able to quickly add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers solely using your mind! Wouldn’t it be great?

This skill not only speeds up your math-solving abilities but also enhances your overall cognitive function, making you more adept at handling everyday tasks that require numerical understanding. Through Mental Maths, you develop a deeper understanding of numbers and their relationships.

Why is this important? Being proficient in Mental Math can give you a significant advantage in many areas of life. It sharpens your mind, boosts your confidence, and allows you to approach problems more creatively and efficiently. Plus, it’s a skill that can be applied in a wide range of situations, from academic tests to everyday activities like shopping or managing finances. Let’s see some of its uses.

Learn Mental math in 2 months

Where Can We Use It?

Mental Math is a powerful tool that can be applied in numerous real-life situations, making daily tasks easier and more efficient. Here are some common scenarios where being proficient in Mental Math can be incredibly useful:

1. Shopping and Budgeting:

This is one place where Mental Maths helps me personally. When I go for shopping, being able to quickly add up prices, calculate discounts, and determine the total cost of my purchases saves my time. It also ensures that I stay within my budget.

You might think how? Well, let me give you an example. Imagine, you see a 15% off sale on one item and 25% on another. Now if you are able to mentally calculate the respective discount & prices, wouldn’t it help you determine which one is the better deal?

2. Dining Out:

Ever been out to a party with friends, where everyone is supposed to contribute and struggled to split the bill ? In such a scenario, with Mental Math, you can easily divide the total bill among friends & figure out each person's share. This skill can make group dining experiences smoother and less of a hassle.

3. Academic Performance:

For students, being good at Mental Math is a huge advantage. It can help you solve problems faster during exams, allowing you more time to tackle challenging questions. It also enhances your understanding of mathematical concepts, making it easier to grasp advanced topics as you progress in your studies.

4. Workplace Efficiency:

In many professions, quick and accurate mental calculations can boost productivity. In fields like finance, engineering, sales, consulting etc. being able to perform calculations on the fly can improve your decision-making process and overall efficiency. It can also impress your colleagues and superiors, showcasing your quick thinking and problem-solving abilities.

5. Daily Life:

Mental Maths can also be helpful in everyday situations, such as cooking, where you might need to adjust ingredient quantities or convert measurements, or in DIY (do it yourself) projects that require precise measurements and calculations. Even activities like playing games or planning travel itineraries become easier with strong Mental Math skills.

So, you can see mastering Mental Math opens up a world of possibilities, making various tasks simpler and more intuitive. Now I’ll share practical tips on how to master Mental Math.

How to Master Mental Math?

Mastering Mental Maths is a journey that requires practice, patience, and the right techniques. I have shared 7 effective strategies & practical tips that can help you sharpen your mental calculation skills. If you can work on these tips sincerely, you can master mental maths in 2 months.

1. Use Vedic Math Tricks & Techniques:

Vedic Maths offers numerous tricks and shortcuts that make mental calculations easier. For example, to multiply any number by 11, simply add the digits of the number and place the result between them. In this blog of mine, I have discussed this method as well as other very useful Vedic Math Tricks in detail. You can check them out.

2. Break Down Problems:

Simplify complex calculations by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. For instance, to add 57 and 68, split them into tens and units:

  • 50 + 60 = 110.
  • 7 + 8 = 15.
  • Combine the results: 110 + 15 = 125.

3. Visualize Numbers:

Enhance your mental math skills by visualizing numbers and their relationships. This technique helps you see patterns and connections, making it easier to perform calculations in your head. Practice visualizing number lines, grids, and other mathematical tools to strengthen this ability.

4. Estimate Numbers Smartly:

Learn to estimate results quickly. This is especially useful when exact answers aren’t necessary, and it helps you get comfortable with numbers. For example, if you need to multiply 48 by 23, you can estimate by rounding the numbers: 50 × 20 = 1000. This gives you a ballpark figure to check your detailed calculation against.

5. Use Real-Life Scenarios:

Incorporate Mental Maths into your daily life. Practice while shopping, cooking, or planning. Real-life applications not only make practice more interesting but also help you see the practical value of Mental Math skills.

6. Engage with Math Games and Puzzles:

Games and puzzles that require math skills can be a fun way to practice Mental Math. They keep your mind sharp and make learning enjoyable. Try Sudoku, math-based puzzles, or mobile apps designed to improve mental calculation skills.

7. Learn from Mistakes:

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Each error is an opportunity to learn and improve. Review your mistakes to understand where you went wrong and how you can avoid similar errors in the future.

By incorporating these strategies into your routine, you can master Mental Math and enjoy the numerous benefits it brings. Consistent practice, coupled with the right techniques, will help you develop a strong mental calculation ability, making math more enjoyable.

Learn amazing tricks of mental maths


Remember, mastering Mental Math takes time and effort. Stay positive and be patient with yourself. Don’t forget to celebrate your progress, even if they are little, along the way. Encouragement and a positive attitude can significantly enhance your learning experience.

For those eager to dive deeper into this fascinating world, I recommend exploring the following resources:

  1. Master Calculation Course by Swarnali Saha. This course will guide you from basics to advanced in all major areas of calculation and give you a renewed confidence in numbers and mathematics, and that too in just 2 months.
  2. Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer - This book offers practical tips and tricks for performing impressive mental calculations.
  3. Vedic Mathematics: Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae from the Vedas by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji - A foundational text on Vedic Maths, providing insight into traditional Indian techniques for fast calculations.
  4. The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics by Jakow Trachtenberg - A classic book that introduces you to various speed calculation techniques.

Remember, the key to mastering Mental Math lies in consistent practice and a positive mindset. Engage with the techniques and resources mentioned in this blog, and you'll find yourself becoming more adept and confident in your mathematical abilities. Happy calculating!

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