Mastering Competitive Exams: Top 5 Logical Reasoning Questions to Crack the Code


In the world of competitive exams, mastering logical reasoning is often the key to unlocking success. Logical reasoning not only tests your ability to think critically but also assesses your problem-solving skills. To help you navigate this crucial aspect of competitive exams, let's delve into the top 5 logical reasoning questions that can pave the way to success. Additionally, we'll explore how the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course can further enhance your skills for a comprehensive exam preparation.


Seating Arrangement Puzzles:

Challenge your spatial intelligence

Seating arrangement puzzles, like arranging students in a classroom, are common in exams. For example, consider this Class 6 logical reasoning question: - "In a row of students, Sam is fifth from the left and Maya is eighth from the right. If they interchange their positions, Sam becomes 13th from the left. How many students are there in the row?"

To crack such puzzles, visualize the scenario, apply the given conditions, and determine the final arrangement. In this case, the answer is 16 students. As you tackle such problems, the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course can complement your skills by offering efficient techniques for quick and accurate calculations.

Blood Relations Problems:

Test your family tree acumen

Blood relations problems often appear in the form of family trees. For a Class 6 Logical reasoning question: - "If A is the sister of B, and B is the brother of C, what is the relationship between A and C?" These questions assess your understanding of familial connections.

To solve, create a simple family tree and deduce the relationship between A and C. In this case, A and C are siblings. As you dive into such reasoning, the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course provides a solid foundation by sharpening your arithmetic and calculation skills.

Critical Reasoning:

Enhance your analytical thinking
Critical reasoning questions evaluate your ability to analyze arguments. For instance, a  Class 6 logical reasoning question could be: "If all birds can fly, and Tweety is a bird, can Tweety fly?" Practice breaking down arguments and recognizing logical connections.

In this example, the conclusion is valid. Tweety can fly because it falls into the category of "all birds." As you navigate through critical reasoning challenges, the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course ensures that you're equipped with the numerical prowess needed for precise analysis.


Unravel the language of patterns
Coding-decoding questions involve deciphering patterns or codes. In a Class 6 question: "If CAT is coded as 312, how is DOG coded?" These problems assess your ability to recognize and apply logical patterns.

Identify the coding rule, apply it to the given word (DOG), and arrive at the coded value. In this case, DOG is coded as 415. While decoding intricate patterns, the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course provides shortcuts and techniques to speed up your numerical decoding process.


Master the art of logical deduction
Syllogism questions test your ability to draw logical conclusions. For a Class 6 example: "All pencils are stationery items. Some stationery items are erasers. Can we conclude that some pencils are erasers?"

Apply the rules of syllogism by analyzing the given statements. In this case, the conclusion is valid. As you embark on mastering logical deduction, the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course reinforces your mathematical foundation, aiding you in precise and quick deductions.


Mastering logical reasoning is a crucial step in cracking competitive exams. By honing your skills in seating arrangement puzzles, blood relations problems, critical reasoning, coding-decoding, and syllogism, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the diverse range of logical reasoning questions that may appear in your exam. Integrating the Welcome2Maths Master Calculation Course into your preparation adds an extra layer of proficiency, ensuring that your mathematical skills are finely tuned for success. Remember, consistent practice, including Class 6 level questions, and a strategic approach are key to achieving success. Best of luck on your journey to mastering logical reasoning and conquering your competitive exams.

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