Vedic Maths Tricks Along With PDF


Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of Vedic Maths

In the intricate weave of mathematical knowledge, there exists a hidden gem that traces its roots back to the ancient scriptures of India – Vedic Maths. Unlike conventional methods, Vedic Maths is not just a set of rules; it's a holistic approach to mathematics that transcends the boundaries of traditional problem-solving. In this blog, we embark on a journey to unravel the magic of Vedic Maths, exploring its origins, fundamental principles, and most importantly, its transformative tricks that make complex calculations seem like child's play.

The Origin Story:

Vedic Maths finds its genesis in the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures that encompass a wealth of knowledge, including the art of mathematical computation. Developed thousands of years ago, these mathematical techniques were crafted to simplify and accelerate the process of solving intricate problems. Today, Vedic Maths stands as a testament to the timeless wisdom embedded in these age-old teachings.

In this Blog, I'm going to Share with You 5 Amazing Vedic Maths Tricks  along with examples-

1- How To find Squares of Numbers Ending with 5
2- Big Subtraction of Numbers from Base
3- Multiplication by 9,99,999,...
4- Magic Multiplication  with 11
5-How to write  Table of 17 

Key Vedic Maths Tricks:

1. Squaring of Numbers ending with 5

Ekadhikena Purvena Sutra (One More than the previous one):
In this method last 2 digits of the square will always be 25. (digits of once place)
Multiply the remaining number with the next number( one more than  the previous one) and write the product on the left side of 25.

 For Ex-  25^2: 2 × (2+1)25 = (2 × 3)25 = 625, and the result is 625.square ending with 5

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 2. Big Subtraction of Numbers from Base:-

Nikhilam Sutra ( All From 9 & Last from 10)

This a very important formula that can be used for subtraction from base numbers like 10,100,1000 etc.. In this method we have to find out the complement of the number. So we subtract all the digits except the last digit of subtrahend from 9 and the last digit from 10 . For ex;- 1000-432do Big subtraction very fast

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3.  Multiplication by 9,99,999,...

Nikhilam Sutra ( All From 9 & Last from 10)

 in Multiplication with series of 9 if Digits of Multiplicand=Digits of Multiplier ,Then i)Make 2 columns (LHS and RHS) ii) Write multiplicand in LHS and reduce it by 1 to get LHS of answer iii) Apply Nikhilam sutra to multiplicand and write in RHS which gives the RHS of answer. iv)Combine LHS and RHS to get the final answer. 

Multiplication by series of 9

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Multiply a Number by 11:
For a quick multiplication of a two-digit number by 11, simply place the sum of its digits between the original digits. Example: 37 × 11 = 3 (3+7) 7 = 407.Magic Multiplication

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Multiplication Table Trick:

Discover a unique Vedic method for quick multiplication using patterns and visualizations. This technique not only accelerates your calculation speed but also enhances your understanding of number relationships. So check out Welcome2maths wonderful multiplication table trick techniques and enhance your math skill.

Multiplication Table Trick

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Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths:

Enhanced Mental Math Skills:
Vedic Maths is not just about speed; it's about cultivating a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, leading to enhanced mental math skills.
Increased Speed and Accuracy:
Discover how Vedic Maths can significantly improve your calculation speed and accuracy, making you more proficient in handling mathematical problems.

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Join us on this expedition into the realms of Vedic Maths, where tradition meets innovation, and where seemingly complex calculations become elegantly simple. Together, let's unlock the doors to mathematical mastery through the lens of this ancient and enduring wisdom.