A. Pricing Policy

Price Range

At, we customize pricing according to the different courses, classes and study materials we provide or may provide. Some courses of ours are available for free. The free course validity is at our discretion and may change any time. Note the free courses may also cease to exist or may become paid in future. For paid courses typically our price range can vary from INR.100/- to INR 20,000/-

Schedule of Payment

We follow a schedule of 1 time payment for all our courses. Installment options are not present currently.

Duration and Validity

The duration & validity of our online courses are fixed. The course duration and validity are clearly mentioned within the description of these courses. The duration of the courses offered by us vary from 1 month to 1 year and is shared with you at the time of purchase.

Renewal of Online courses

Our online courses offered on our website or mobile app are not renewed automatically. They will expire according to the term mentioned in the course description. You will have the option to buy the courses again on their expiry subject to availability.

B. Refund Policy

We follow a strict “No Refund Policy”. To help you make an informed decision, we have uploaded lots of free content on our YouTube channel, the links to which can also be found on this website. You are requested to try out our teaching methodology and pedagogy, and should think about buying any courses only after satisfying yourself with the quality of our content. Also, you should make sure you satisfy the eligibility of the courses in terms of availability of mentioned hardware, software, internet connection, etc. to be able to use the course properly.

If for some reason, we decide to discontinue the course that you have enrolled for, we will refund fees prorated to the number of days not conducted by us as per the description of the course when you enrolled for it.  Example if you enroll for a course of 30 days for INR 3000/- and 20 days have passed from the start of your course and then the course is discontinued then you would get 10 days prorated amount as refund i.e. INR 1000/-. Refund will typically take 5-7 working days to get credited.