Tips for Doing Well in Class 8 Maths

 Class 8 Maths is very important for further studies in higher classes. This is because you learn many important topics such as practical geometry, quadrilaterals, linear equations and many more. All of these maths concepts are much needed in the higher classes. So, it is very important to understand class 8 maths and learn it well.

Top 5 Tips that you should follow if you want to do well in Class 8 Maths

Maths is a subject that is often considered hard by students from all around the world. Although mathematics is considered to be a tough subject, it is also a very crucial subject not only for schools but also for life in general, and studying maths can be really fun if you learn it the right way. 

Grasping the concepts of class 8 maths and doing well in it can be very crucial for you in your higher level of mathematics. Given below are the top 5 tips that you should follow if you want to do well in class 8 maths:

  • You must practice regularly

Mathematics is a subject that terrifies many people. However, with regular practice, maths becomes just another fun and simple subject. Many times, students are stressed before exams and end up doing badly in their class 8 maths paper even after understanding its concept. This is mainly because of a lack of practice. 

When you do not practice mathematics regularly, you do not deal with a large range of questions. So, you are often stressed before the exam and end up worrying about how you would solve a problem if something hard shows up on the paper. 

When you practice regularly, you get a chance to solve a wide range of maths problems. And while practising class 8 maths problems over time, you become a master of the concept. So, you will be able to build your confidence in maths and will also be easily able to get rid of your maths fear.

  • Learn BODMAS

The BODMAS rule plays a very important role in mathematics. It is usually introduced to students around class 8 and you must learn it well to do well in class 8 maths

 The BODMAS rule is used to solve a maths problem and if you do not follow it, your answer will be wrong. So, you should know the concept of BODMAS which states- Bracket of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. You have to follow this fundamental rule to solve the problems in class 8 maths and further higher class mathematics. If you are well aware of this crucial maths rule, it will be simple for you to solve the problems and gain time during the exam.

  • Make a List of Key Concepts

When you study class 8 maths or any higher class, you should make a list of key terms, formulas, shortcuts, and more. When you have all the important concepts and formulas jotted down in one place, you can look at them from time to time. This way, you will be able to revise all the key concepts easily at once. 

You could have a look at these concepts and formulas before practising or randomly at any time of the day. So, you will never forget them and thus will be able to solve problems more easily.

  • Solve previous year's papers

Solving previous papers is crucial to doing well in exams. Your class 8 maths book is the most important. You should first make sure to finish solving all the problems from your maths book. And when you are done with your class 8 maths syllabus early on, you should try to solve past maths papers too. Doing so will let you understand the general exam patterns. You will also be able to check the difficulty level of the past papers and work on them. Practising the past papers is a great way of improving your class 8 maths.

  • Analyse your preparation

Analysing your preparation is an important part of preparing for anything and everything. You must check how well you have grasped a particular concept or whether you can solve problems at the given time correctly or not. Solving the previous year's papers for class 8 maths is one of the best ways of analysing your preparation and understanding of maths.

You can try solving past papers within a given time limit and see whether you can solve it correctly within the given time or not.

Given above were the top 5 tips that you should follow regularly to become good at class 8 maths or any other classes. You should first make an effort to understand all the mathematical concepts clearly and then practice regularly to become good at them.

Apart from following the above tips, you should also learn various mathematical tricks or shortcuts. These tricks can make your problem-solving time faster. So, you will be able to solve your class 8 maths paper on time.

Typical errors to avoid if you want to do well in class 8 maths

You already went through the tips about what you should do to prepare yourself well for class 8 maths. However, you should also know what you should not do to ace your class 8 mathematics exams.

As you study for the Class 8 Maths exam, you must be careful to avoid making certain mistakes that could ruin your chances of acing the paper. Given below are some of the blunders that are frequently made by students while studying class 8 maths that you must avoid:

  • If you want to get good grades in class 8 maths, you should not skip any of the topics. Some students may think that a certain topic or concept is carrying fewer marks or weight so they skip it because they feel it is unimportant.

 However, every maths concept and topic given in class 8 mathematics should be covered and practised well if you want to do it in class 8 maths exams as well as that of higher classes. After all, it is the smaller marks that get added to get full marks. And although a certain topic may carry lesser marks, not learning it could hamper your maths learning in further classes. So, to avoid such problems, you should cover your entire syllabus and learn it well.

  • Another thing that you should avoid if you want to get a good score in your class 8 maths exam is you should not attempt questions that you are unsure of. You always get options to choose from while solving a question paper and even though you have practised the entire syllabus, you should be wide in selecting the right problems to solve. 

Everyone has their own favourite chapters or one that they find easy. You should try to solve the easier questions instead of risking solving problems that you are unsure of. You should not waste your time and energy on questions that you are unsure of and instead focus on solving questions that will fetch you marks. 

  • You must read the question paper thoroughly before you start solving the paper. Many students make the mistake of not going through the class 8 maths question paper properly. So, they often end up selecting questions that may seem tricky to them later.

You should not skim the question paper and avoid using any guesswork. Always make sure to analyse the maths problems first and see whether you can solve them or not. Doing so will help you save a lot of time and you will be able to score well during the exam too.


Maths is a subject that you can get better at only through practice and by using the right studying strategy. The first step involved in learning class 8 maths is to understand the chapters and topics properly. And after that, you should put maximum effort into practising different maths problems regularly. It is only by following the above tips and consistent efforts that you will be able to do well in class 8 maths and ultimately will feel confident while solving different problems. 

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