Our Philosophy

Everyone agrees that it is great to be good at Mathematics in Life. But very few realize that to become good at Maths, we cannot treat it only as a Subject; we have to treat it as a Life-Skill. We at Welcome2Maths believe that Mathematics is an essential LIFE SKILL. And we all know that one can only be good at a life skill when he or she enjoys it. So, to be good at Mathematics, we have to enjoy it. And this enjoyment should start from the beginning – The School.

So, for the first time in India, Welcome2Maths has created Math Life Skill courses devoted to the children of schools. Courses and techniques that would make the children good at their School Maths and love the subject of Maths at the same time.

How are we going to do that? 

With a simple 2 STEP process :-

STEP-1:- A child should learn to think through clear instructions and processes.

STEP-2:- He should practice a lot so that he can internalize those concepts.

No step should be neglected. If he/she can do that within a very short span of time he/she would start enjoying Maths.

The framework of Welcome2Maths courses is based on a combination of Conceptual framework of School Level Maths and HOTS (Higher Order Think Skills). They are designed such that later the child would face no problem in adapting to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning process of higher education.


Swarnali Saha

A Maths Graduate and an MBA, she started her teaching career way back in 2008, teaching Class 11 and 12th students Maths & Science. As years progressed, her involvement with children from various age groups made her realize that it is in the formative years, i.e., the years of primary & secondary schooling, when children face learning challenges in Maths. When their queries at this stage go unanswered, they grow up into Math-fearing adults. To address this, she has been actively creating modules and training sessions with various techniques to aid learning processes of Maths for school children. To give maximum children benefit of these techniques, she founded Welcome2Maths in 2019. She officiates as the Chief Mentor of Welcome2Maths. Through Welcome2Maths, she plans to realise her Long Cherished Dream: To build a learning environment where Every Child loves Maths!!!

Bharat Kumar Saha

An MTech from one of the prestigious NITs, he has retired from SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd.) as Dy. General Manager. He has a huge experience in Process Optimization. In his 35+ years of experience, he has created and improved innumerable technical & managerial processes. His expertise in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management) is unparalleled. He is the Chief Academic Officer at Welcome2Maths. Under his able guidance, Welcome2Maths courses are structured, the course curriculums are vetted, and proper processes are put in place to give the maximum benefit to students.