Mental Maths for Class 5-Top 5 Mental Math Tricks for Kids

The capacity to calculate mathematical equations in your head without a calculator or a piece of paper is known as mental math. When attempting to solve elementary arithmetic problems without the aid of a calculator, mental math is a highly helpful strategy. People utilize mental maths for class 5 in many ways. There is no need to write these calculations down on paper because they can be completed rapidly in the head. 

The number of arithmetic facts that have been memorized has a significant impact on how easily mental math can be performed. The ability to do mental math is enhanced by being familiar with the times and addition tables up to 12. Mental math will be more challenging if these math facts have not been committed to memory. Each person has a unique ability for mental math and your kid's progress can occur at its own rate.

There are numerous advantages of including mental maths for class 5 in your kid's curriculum. It has various benefits in daily life. Your child's memory and brain stay fresh with regular practice of mental math. Furthermore, you must come up with innovative answers to the problems. Mental math can also enhance your kid's creativity and imagination.

Mental math can also help your child boost confidence. Your friends and family will look up to you if you can quickly and effortlessly compute difficult numbers in your head. This can increase your sense of self-worth.

According to a new study, mental math exercises stimulate the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is a part of the brain. Depression and anxiety are associated with this region. Therefore, this area's mental health improves with increased activity.

You also use mental math every day to estimate the ingredients for meals, figure out how much money you need to pay at the checkout, and more. This is why it is important to start learning mental maths in early classes. Mental maths for class 5 is very important for your kid's development in mathematics.

Top 5 Mental Math Tricks for Your Kids

Students get better at mentally adding and subtracting numbers as they advance in their academic careers. Mental maths for class 5 is a collection of distinct learning strategies that aid pupils in swiftly solving math problems, from calculating basic addition and subtraction to remembering the square root of integers.

If you are a teacher or a parent you can use a variety of useful classroom materials and strategies to assist pupils in developing their mental maths for class 5 skills and progressively solving challenging arithmetic problems in less time. 

A mathematics problem can be resolved in a variety of ways. Sometimes it is not enough to just know the way. There are many times when students must quickly solve math problems. Say, five minutes from the time the exam bell will sound. Particularly when a student takes competitive tests, they must answer all the challenging questions quickly. Mental maths for class 5 tricks that you learned for quick calculations come in quite handy in these situations.

Contrary to popular misconception, mastering precise and quick mental math is not difficult and does not require years of practice. By picking up a few simple math tricks, you can enhance your mental math speed by more than 100%.

Your children can quickly and accurately solve complex calculation problems with the aid of simple tricks and mental maths for class 5. There are numerous mental math tricks for operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, finding squares, powers, etc. Here are 5 mental arithmetic tricks for youngsters to help them develop their mental math skills:

1- Make It Easy

Large denominations can be difficult for kids to multiply or add at times. Helping them simplify the issue by temporarily rearranging the values is a helpful tactic.

For instance, it is simpler to add 9 to 800, which makes the calculation of 791 + 540 more reasonable. Calculate 800 plus 540 to obtain 1340; then, subtract 9 to get the right answer, 1331.

You can instruct kids to use this trick from mental maths for class 5 while multiplying as well. For instance, if the task is to multiply 59 by 7, multiply 60 by 7 instead, and then take that extra 7 out to get 420-7 = 413. Students find it much simpler to calculate with multiples of 10, so always remind them to round figures.

2- Making Complex Multiplications Simple

For kids, multiplying huge numbers might be difficult. The most sensible thing to teach is therefore how to multiply after simplifying the numbers. The following are some fun multiplication tips from mental maths for class 5 that your kids can use:

The simplest multiplication tip to remember is to simply add a zero to the end of any number when you multiply it by 10. For instance, 62 x 10 equals 620.

You can split the first number in half and then multiply the result by two if one of the numbers is even. For instance, 20 x 120 can also be resolved as 10 divided by 20 and 240 when 120 is doubled. The result is 10 x 240 = 2400 when the two answers are multiplied.

Any two-digit number can also be multiplied by 11 using a simple method. Simply add the multiplicand's two digits, and then place the result in the center. For instance, the result of multiplying 35 by 11 is 385. Add the result of adding the digits 3 and 5 (which is 8), in between the two-digit multiplicand.

3- Subtract By Adding

Addition and subtraction are crucial to maths. Teaching your kids mental maths for class 5 addition and subtraction can help them save a lot of time while calculating.

The fundamental idea of this trick from mental maths for class 5, which is based on the relationship between addition and subtraction, is very significant. Students don't need to memorize subtraction information after they fully grasp this method.

Instead of subtracting, for instance, if the task is to find the difference between 14 and 8, consider "What does 8 plus produce 14?" To put it another way, consider the amount that needs to be added: 8 + __ = 14. The solution to both of the problems is 6.

With subtractions like 13 -7, 17 -8, 16- 9, and other fundamental facts where the minuend is between 10 and 20, this technique is extremely helpful. But there is a tonne of additional uses for it as well. For instance, 72 − 55 is simpler to solve by thinking of addition: 55 + 17 equals 72, hence the solution to 72 − 55 is 17.

4- Division Tips To Keep In Mind

Give your kids a quick list of important information they can learn to perform division efficiently to simplify division difficulties for them. Here's an easy method to determine whether a number may be split equally by one of these other numbers:

A number can be divided by 10 if it ends with 0. A number can be divided by 9 when its digits are added together and the total is evenly divisible by 9. A number can be divided by 8 if its last three digits are either 000 or equally divisible by 8. If a number is even and when its digits are added up, the result is divisible by three by 3, it can be split by 6. Any number with a 0 or a 5 at the end can be divided by 5. If a number ends in 00 or has two digits and is evenly divisible by 4, it can be split by 4. You can learn these tricks in mental maths for class 5.

5- Solving Percentage Problems

Calculating the percentage of a number is one of the more challenging concepts for students to master as they move through the curriculum, but with the correct math tips and knowledge of mental maths for class 5, they can solve these problems with ease. For example, you can easily calculate 5% of any number by using a math trick. You can do so by shifting the decimal point to one place of the number and dividing it by 2.

For example, let us calculate 5 percent of 235. On shifting the decimal 235  becomes 23.5. When you divide the number 23.5 by 2, you get 11.75. If you check 5% of 235 in a calculator, you will get 11.75 as the answer.


Working on your child's mental math abilities on a regular basis not only aids in their improvement but also offers them the self-assurance to tackle additional math challenges. To keep your child's mind active and sharp, you should search for occasions to occasionally introduce brief periods of mental computation such as mental maths for class 5 addition and subtraction. By using the above five helpful mental math for class 5 tricks, your children will be able to answer arithmetic problems more quickly and the topic will become more engaging over time.

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