Different Ways to Remember Multiplication Table

A table that lists the multiples of a specific number is referred to as a multiplication table or times table. When teaching youngsters how to multiply, it might be challenging because it's likely that they've been utilising real items to assist them with other math concepts, like subtracting and adding. The first arithmetic ability where kids need to learn how to work with abstract numbers is multiplication. You can find many multiplication tables courses by looking up multiplication table course near me online.

The third grade is when children begin learning their times tables. Math and science students need to use their multiplication skills accurately as memorizing it helps in solving maths problems faster. Children who take longer to compute these fundamental math facts are more likely to struggle frequently. This is why you should search for a multiplication table course near me on the internet and enrol your child on it so that they do not fall behind.

Top 6 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Memorize Multiplication Tables Easily

Memorising multiplication tables is one of those tasks students hate while learning mathematics. However, it does not mean one can just skip learning the times table. If you think you will do just fine in maths in the higher classes even without memorizing times tables then you are wrong!

Multiplication tables are of utmost significance in mathematics as they not only help reduce problem-solving time but also have many other benefits apart from helping in solving maths questions. 

Owing to the significance of multiplication tables to students, most parents are often concerned about how to make their children memorize multiplication tables. Multiplication table course near me is also often a highly searched phrase on the internet because of this reason. If you are wondering how to make your child memorize times tables, here are the top 6 effective ways that might be of help to you:

  • Teach your child the multiplication facts

It is cruel to demand that your youngster or student learn the multiplication table all at once. You cannot and should not force a child to memorize the tables all at once forcefully. You should try to make your child's learning enjoyable and progressive by teaching them multiplication facts, etc. In this manner, kids avoid passively memorising information through repetition. 

  • Writing Multiplication Table

Writing down something is the easiest and most effective way to memorise anything and it also applies to memorizing multiplication tables. It also makes them feel more focused towards learning.

You should ask your children to write down the times tables. You could make your student write down the multiplication tables on a large piece of paper with coloured pens and markers. When a kid makes an effort to write down the table, they will feel more involved in the studying process and so, the kids will focus more on studying. So, the kids will be able to learn multiplication tables more easily.

  • Reciting multiplication tables

Reciting the times tables is crucial to memorizing them. Irrespective of whether your child is trying to learn multiplication tables at home. Or, if you have looked up the internet to search for the best multiplication table course near me to enrol your child in a specialized multiplication course, reciting it is an important part of memorizing the times tables.

You should ask your kids to recite the multiplication tables. If your child is young, he or she may get bored reciting the multiplication tables all alone. You could make their learning process more fun by reciting the tables along with them. When you look up the best multiplication table course near me and enrol them in the multiplication course, your child will be taught various effective tips and tricks to memorize multiplication tables. 

So, enrolling your child in a multiplication table course after researching about the best multiplication table course near me on the internet while also helping them learn at home can be a very effective way of helping your child memorize the multiplication table. The Multiplication table course by Swarnali Saha of Welcome 2 Maths is one of the best maths courses available in India for learning multiplication tables.

  • Learning skip counting

A simple and enjoyable approach to introduce your child to multiplication tables is through skip counting. For example, you could skip count 3,6,9,12,15,....27 and so on. You could recite it by singing it like a song. This way, memorizing the multiplication tables becomes more fun and engaging. Incorporating tunes for memorizing the multiplication table also makes it more effective. If you ever forget the time tables ever, you could sing the tune and chances are you will recall it. If you look up a multiplication table course near me, and see the way they teach children how to memorize multiplication tables, one of the ways of memorizing it is through skip counting. 

  • Setting objectives and receiving rewards

Everyone loves receiving rewards. Children become especially excited and motivated to do something when they are promised a reward for the completion of a particular task. So, you should ask your child to memorize multiplication tables and give rewards to your young ones for it makes a very effective way of motivating them to memorize times tables. 

Instead of setting learning goals for your kids, you can encourage them to set objectives for themselves. This way the kids will feel a sense of thrill while learning and thus will focus on memorizing the multiplication tables to receive rewards for achieving the set goals. This objective is almost as effective as looking up a multiplication table course near me multiplication table classesand enrolling your child in it for memorizing the tables.

Your kids will be more motivated to complete their multiplication goals if there is a little bit of friendly competition! If you have more than two kids of similar age or if your child has neighbourhood friends of the same age, you could encourage them to have a friendly competition of memorizing times tables. Or, you could search for a multiplication table course near me on the internet for enrolling your child in it. Since many children will be enrolled in the times table learning course, the kids will be more interested in memorizing the multiplication tables together. This would make the learning process more fun for the child and they will more likely learn the tables better and faster.

  • Use reinforcements.

There are a few other strategies to help your youngster improve their memorization of multiplication tables. You could use songs, or make stories about the times tables. You could also search for multiplication table course near me, on the internet to find the best times table courses for your child.

Songs about multiplication Admit it: Some children learn more quickly by listening than by watching or reading. To help them memorise the multiplication chart, you should also play some of the multiplication songs that are accessible on YouTube. You can always create if you can't discover one that you believe will meet your child's demands. Be careful to involve them in the process; doing so will increase their interest.

You can access a tonne of helpful math resources and platforms on the internet to assist in teaching your youngster multiplication tables. All you need to do is look up the internet for multiplication table course near me, and you will find the best courses for assisting your child in memorizing times tables easily. The Multiplication Table Course by Swarnali Saha is one of the best online courses for learning times tables in India. Thousands of students have memorized multiplication tables quickly by enrolling in the specialized course by Swarnali Saha who is considered to be one of the best mathematics mentors in the country.


Learning multiplication tables is not as hard as you may think of it. By making your time tables learning process fun and effective, you can memorize all the multiplication tables in no time. Given above were some of the effective ways of memorizing times tables. By implementing them your child will be able to memorize the table in way less time.

Enrolling your child in multiplication courses, however, is the fastest and most effective way of teaching a child times tables of a large number. So, in case you want your child to memorize times tables quickly, you should look up the internet for a multiplication table course near me.

The Multiplication Table Course by Swarnali Saha of Welcome 2 Maths is one of the best courses for learning times tables. When you enrol your child in the multiplication table course at Welcome 2 Maths, your child will be taught various tricks and quick methods to learn multiplication tables. So, enrol your child in the multiplication table course by Swarnali Saha, the top maths mentor in India now!