Multiplication Table Course - Simple Hacks to Learn

 A multiplication table is a comprehensive collection of multiplications that shows the results of multiplying an integer by a variety of other numbers. Mathematicians have shown that youngsters who diligently recall their multiplication facts fail to understand the basics of multiplication or learn to correlate numbers. 

 Multiplication is the foundation of arithmetic, and once you grasp it, anything is possible! The ability to solve complex mathematical issues is first and foremost made easier and simpler for your kids by studying and memorizing the times tables. Children begin utilizing their imagination and visual thinking abilities to provide answers once they have mastered the multiplication tables. You might consider enrolling your children in specialized courses on Vedic maths to learn table by Welcome2Maths for their general growth and development. Additionally, this will aid them in figuring out problems involving multiplications, additions, subtractions, and divisions.

Simple Hacks To Learn Multiplication Tables 

Do you want to learn simple hacks to learn multiplication tables? Enrolling in a maths course by looking up the internet for a " multiplication table course near me" can be helpful for it.

 Learning times tables not only makes problem-solving faster but also boosts confidence in children while solving the questions. However, remembering multiplication tables can be quite tough and even boring for many kids. A multiplication table course can however help to grasp times tables easily. You can find a multiplication table course for your child by simply searching "multiplication table course near me" online.

 It is quite easy to remember the times table of 2- 10. However, it could be difficult to learn multiplication tables from 11 onwards. Searching for a "multiplication table course near me" and enrolling in it can help you learn tables easily. Knowing certain times table hacks can prove to be very beneficial for kids. Using Vedic maths to learn table can also make learning it more fun. Given below are some of the hacks for learning multiplication tables from 11 to 19:

Table 11 hack

 Comparatively speaking, learning the multiplication table for 11 is simple when you use Vedic maths to learn table. Like 11 x 1 = 11, 11 x 2 = 22, 11 x 5 = 55, 11 x 9 = 99, etc., the multiples are always repetitions of the same digit. When addressing mathematical problems based on the crucial operations of multiplications and divisions, grasping the multiplication table of 11 is crucial. 

The first nine multiples of 11 are fairly easy to remember. When you enroll in a course by Welcome2Maths by Swarnali Saha on Vedic maths to learn table, you will be able to recognize that there is a hidden magical trick used to compute the 11 multiplication tables for two-digit values. The sum of the digits between the first two numbers of the original two-digit number should be used to represent a two-digit value multiplied by 11. Consider the outcome of 11 multiplied by 17 as the sum of 1 and 7 (8). Now, put the number 8 between 1 and 7. The solution reached is 187. As a result, 11 plus 17 equals 187, or 11 times 17 equals 187.

Hack of Table 12

When you search for a "multiplication table course near me", and join it, you will be able to learn various patterns about multiplication tables.  There is a predictable pattern at each of the five multiples of 12 if you look carefully in Vedic maths to learn table. The very last digit of the numbers is repeated if you look closely, so the children would not have much difficulty memorizing these numbers to learn the multiplication tables for 12.

Hack of Table 13

Learning the times table of 13 can be very helpful in higher classes. You can look up a "multiplication table course near me" to learn various easy tricks for learning the multiplication table of 13. All you need to do to learn it is to first learn the times table of 3 which is quite easy to remember. The next step involved in the hack in Vedic maths to learn table of 13 is to multiply the tenth digit of the times table of 3 by natural numbers. For example, (1+0)3=13, (2+0)6=26, (3+0)9=39, (4+1)2=52, (5+1)5=65, (6+1)8=78, (7+2)1=91, (8+2)4=104, (9+2)7=117, and (10+3)0=130.

Hack of Table 14

For elementary school students, memorizing and memorizing the times table of 14 might be challenging. You can look up a "multiplication table course near me" online to make memorizing tables easier for your children. 

You must first learn the 4 times table to master the 14 multiplication table. As a result, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, and so forth are multiples of 4. You can then add natural numbers to the tenth digit to get the multiples of 14. The table of 14 may therefore be generated by adding the digits: (1+0)4, (2+0)8, (3+1)2, (4+1)6, (5+2)0, (6+2)4, (7+2)8, (8+3)2, (9+3)6, (10+4)0; the final multiples will then add up to the digits: 14, 28, 42, 56, 70, 84, 98, 112, 126, 140, and so on.

Hack for Table 15

The class you let your child join after looking up online for a "multiplication table course near me" can make memorization of the table of 15 quite simple for your child. There is a secret way to learn the multiplication table for 15 rapidly. To master this trick, you should be familiar with one's place digits, ten's place digit numbers, odd numbers, and even numbers. The tactic is that the one's place would always follow a pattern of 5-0 in the results. For instance, 15 multiplied by one is 15, or 15 multiplied by two equals 30. The digits would always be in the order of two successive even numbers followed by two successive odd numbers for the place value of ten.

Hack for a table of 16

There is not any special rule for memorizing the times table of number 16. However, once you see the pattern or trend that is maintained after every five multiples of 16, you could recall it with ease. For each of the five multiples of 16, the first five are 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, the second five are 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, and so on. The hack from Vedic maths to learn table of 16 is easy to recall after you get familiar with this pattern. 

Hack for a table of 17

Your children must have a fundamental comprehension of the times tables of 16 in order to comprehend and study the times table of 17. If you take a look at the times table of 16, it goes on like 16x1=16, 16x2=32, 16x3=48, 16x5=80, etc.

You can use hacks from Vedic maths to learn table for 17 by simply adding natural numbers from 1 to 10 to the multiples of 16. For example, 16x1= 16 so 16+1= 17, 16x2=32, so 32+2= 34, 16x3=48, so 48+3=51 and the pattern carries on. This is a simple hack you can learn in a multiplication table course for remembering the times tables of both numbers easily.

Hack for a table of 18

Simply subtracting natural integers from 1 to 10 can teach you the table of 18 when used in conjunction with table 19. Simply deduct the equivalent amount from the multiples you are multiplying 19 by. For instance, if you subtract 19 from 11 and get 209, you get 198. Similar to this, 19 x 12 = 228; hence, 228-12 = 216.

You can suggest your kid use vedic math to learn table of 8. The very first 10 multiples of Eight are 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, and so on. Ask your child to add natural numbers to the tenth digit (1+0)8, (2+1)6, (3+1)4, (4+3)2, (5+4)0, (6+4)8, (7+5)6, (8+6)4, (9+7)2, (10+8)0 = 18, 36, 54, 72, 90, 108, and so on to get the multiples of 18. 

There are many more mathematics tricks you can learn by joining a specialized course. So, searching for a good "multiplication table course near me" and joining it can greatly help improve your child's maths skills.

Hack for a table of 19

A pattern may be seen when you use Vedic math to learn table of 19 for every multiple of 10. Therefore, all you need to do is fill in the ten's position with the first ten odd numbers in the correct order.

Now instruct your children to start writing from the opposite side, which is from 0 to 9 in the place of the unit. For instance, 19 x 1 equals 19, 19 x 2 equals 38, 19 x 3 equals 57, 19 x 4 equals 76, and so on.


Learning tables can be hard, but not when you know the tricks for it. Did you just look up a good "multiplication table course near me" for your child? 

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