Speed Math Class 7- Things You Must Know

Childhood is a very important age when it comes to gaining knowledge. Children are the most curious during this time and it is the best period to hone the skills of your kids. It is during this period that your kids learn the most and store the memory in their minds forever. Teaching your kids speed math class 7 tips can help them become better in maths.

Maths plays a very crucial role in our life. It is important to learn maths as it is useful in many ways in our life. Learning math stimulates the brain, allowing for quicker and better problem-solving. This is clear from studies like one on a first-grade class, which discovered that pupils who could recall additional knowledge rapidly were better able to master other ideas and skills. Since the ability to solve problems is one that is necessary throughout one's life, it is crucial to cultivate it.

However, most kids are scared of maths and do not enjoy learning it. The conventional method of learning maths can be hard to understand for many students. 

Speed maths is a simple and quick way to learn maths. Speed Math, as the name implies, teaches methods for quickly and accurately solving mathematical problems of all kinds, including the most challenging ones. However, accuracy and simplicity are just as important as speed. Speed Math class 7 eliminates the requirement for memorization of math facts by providing straightforward instructions that are simple to learn and retain. Although memorizing the timetable is still a good idea, Speed Math class 7 teaches you how to calculate more difficult problems faster than you may think.

Vedic mathematics is the foundation of speed math. A 1965 book by the Indian monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha Ji Maharaj served as the foundation for Vedic Mathematics. It contains a list of mathematical methods that the author claims to have learned from the Vedas; he calls it a method of mental calculation. 

When kids approach math as a topic they enjoy rather than as workouts and drills they dread, they are more likely to learn it.  Your child can develop a natural aptitude for numbers using Speed Math class 7, which will enable them to use the right strategies to solve problems.

Everyone, especially kids, can benefit from using Speed Math to solve even the most challenging math, algebra, geometry, and calculus problems. Learning mental calculations right from the base helps your child develop a better understanding of maths in higher classes. Speed Math class 7 establishes the groundwork for advanced math and mental arithmetic by making math not only simple to understand, but also enjoyable!

Top 7 Speed Math Class 7 Tricks for your Kids for Fast Calculation

The conventional method of learning and teaching maths can be boring as well as hard for many students. Teaching your kid the methods and tricks of speed maths class 7 can help him or her learn maths easily. Given below are the top speed math class 7 tricks or tips you can keep in mind for making calculating easy and fast the next time:

  • Squaring a Number with a Unit Digit 5

You can rapidly determine the square of a two-digit number that ends in 5 using this speed math class 7 method. By following a few simple steps, you can quickly compute the square of any number.  Firstly, multiply the end terms of the given number. The result of this will always remain 25 since you are calculating the square of a number with unit digit 5. This 25 will be the last digits of the answer. Then, multiply the first digit of the given number with a number preceding it. The value derived after this multiplication followed by the digit 25 will be the square of the given number.

for example 25^2 = 25 x 25 = (2 x 3) (5 x 5) = 625 . If you want to learn the method click in speed math class 7 .

  •  Five times any number

You must think about whether the number is even or odd while applying this speed math class 7 advice. Once you've done that, take the following actions:

If the number is even:

Let's use the following instance to illustrate this:

2244 x 5 =?

First, divide the amount by two. 2244 divided by two equals 1122.

Step 2: To the preceding computation, add a zero to obtain the following result: 11220.Thus, 2244 x 5 = 11220

For Odd Numbers:

Let's use the following instance to illustrate this.

2247 x 5 =?

Step 1: Use the formula (Number - 1) / 2 to begin.

This will be (2247- 1)/2 = 1123 for the example above.

Step 2: The result will be 11235 if you now add five to the end instead of zero. Thus, 2247 x 5 = 11235

  • Any Two-Digit Numbers Between 11 and 19 Multiplied

This speed math class 7 method is very helpful for those students as well as those looking for Maths Tricks for competitive exams. We shall use the following as an illustration: 12 x 15 =?

First, multiply the larger integer by the unit digit of the smaller number. Therefore, 15 + 2 Equals 17.

Step 2: Multiply the aforementioned outcome by 10 now.

17 x 10 = 170

Step 3: Next, multiply the unit digits of both of the numbers in the question.

In this case, it would be: 2 x 5 Equals 10

Step 4: Finally, combine the outcomes from stages 2 and 3. This provides the solution: 170 + 10 = 180.Thus, 12 x 15 = 180

  • A Two-Digit Number Multiplied by Eleven

This speed math class 7 trick (Click the Link & watch the video) makes the multiplication of any two-digit number by 11 very easy. Let's solve 32 x 11 to illustrate this. Put the two-digit number in this field using the following formula, then include the centre part: in the above example 32 is a Two-Digit number. 2 is at Ones place and 3 is at Tens place. Now let's solve this question in a Rocket speed-

[Tens place digit of the number (Tens place digit of the number + ones place digit of the number) Ones place digit of the number] This results in the equation: 32 x 11 = 3 (3+2) 2.Here, you will get the answer 352. Thus, 32 x 11 = 352.

  • Multiplying Three-digit Numbers 

Let us imagine you want to know what 306 x 308 equals. Follow these speed math class 7 steps to achieve this:

Start by deducting the unit place digit from the actual numbers in step 1.

As a result, 308 – 8 = 300 and 306 – 6 = 300.

Step 2: Next, pick either one of the two numbers and add it to the other number's unit digit. When we add 308 and 6, we get 314.

Step 3: Next, multiply the answers from steps 1 and 2 to arrive at 314 x 300, which is 94200.

Calculate then multiply the unit digits of the two numbers in step 4 after that. Here, 8 × 6 = 48.

Step 5: Finally, combine the outcomes of stages 3 and 4 to obtain the solution. Here, 94200 + 48 Equals 94248.Thus, 306 x 308 = 94248. 

Finding a Number's Square Value

Let's say you require a solution of this question (99)²=. The steps for easy calculation as per Speed math course speed math class 7 are as follows:

Step 1:First, you must find a base that is closer to the number in the query. Here, it might be 100.

Step 2: Next, determine how much the number has changed from its basis. Therefore, 99 - 100 Equals -1.

Step 3: Next, increase the number by the difference. Here, 99 + (-1) = 98.

Step 4: After that, multiply the result from Step 3 by the base: 98 x 100 = 9800

Step 5: To get the solution, combine the result from step 4 with the product of the square of the difference. Here, 9800 + (-1) ² = 9801. Thus, (99) ² = 9801.

  • Subtracting Any number from 1000, 10000, or 100000

This speed math class 7 advice is for you if you struggle with calculations and want to learn how to think quickly. Here is a wonderful method of Mental Subtraction. For instance, what does 1000 – 423 equal?

The first two digits of the number 423 should be subtracted from 9 and the last from 10 for this Vedic Math trick. Following are the steps:

Step 1: 9 - 4 = 5

Step 2: 9 - 2 = 7

Step 3: 10 - 3 = 7

Simply add up all of the answers from each stage now to arrive at your final result, 577. Thus, 1000 - 423 = 577.


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