Facts You Should Know About The International Mathematics Olympiad

 The International Mathematics Olympiad is a mathematics-based competition with the same status as any other international programme. It is one of the most popular and prestigious maths competitions as it not only brings recognition but also unlocks several opportunities for future growth.  Each year it is conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. It is an educational organisation that promotes the academic development of students. The programme is open to all high school students from class 1 to class 12. The aim of this competition is to find extraordinary maths talents across the world and provide the necessary support to them so that they can achieve their dreams. Regardless of nationality, any students from any grade can join this competition multiple times. Each country is responsible for selecting its team. So, at first, a competition is held at the national level in order to build up a team for sending in the International Maths Olympiad by selecting the best candidates throughout the country. The selected candidates are given the chance to represent their countries at the international level. This competition provides the students with the chance to judge their mathematical abilities as they compete with other students who belong to various countries of the world and this judgement is very necessary for achieving excellence in their academics. There are several divisions of this programme, such as the Maths olympiad for class 1 Maths olympiad for class 2, Maths olympiad for class 3 according to the standard of the students. 

Why students should take part in International Mathematical Olympiad?


You feel really proud when you become the witness of something special achievements of your child, isn’t it? International Maths Olympiad will also provide a platform for your child to prove their excellence.  To most students, maths seems like a subject of fear and extreme pressure, but this type of programme will make your child learn that math is not all about dry facts and formulas, it also includes funs.  It is true that the preparation process includes huge hard work, toil and compromises, but experiencing success on a big stage will be an unforgettable moment in your life. After participation, each student receives a detailed analysis of their performance which helps them to identify their strengths and loopholes. This platform will help you in the best way to understand the basic concepts of maths with the help of several interesting and fun facts. So, in order to boost the mathematical ability of your child you can easily enroll his or her name in the Maths olympiad for class 1. 

How International Maths Olympiad will help your child? 

In this age of competition, it is necessary to develop a competitive mentality from the very first stages of student life. This provides a unique platform for the students to enhance their mathematical skills and achieve more milestones in their academics. The competitions like this will provide more confidence to your child and your child will be familiar with facing competitive exams which will help them a lot in the future. There are a large number of students who do not want to go through the process of being a doctor or an engineer, as it does not seem to be the right choice for them. They remain more flexible to choose the right career options through these competitive exams. This habit of joining competitive exams like the international Mathematics olympiad will boost their confidence to achieve more excellence in the competitive exams in the future. Maths olympiad for class 1 will sharpen their abilities, boost them to study hard, score well, increase their confidence and make them fully prepared for future competitive exams. 

How to enroll name for International Mathematical Olympiad?

Enrolling your name for International Mathematical Olympiad is quite easy. With some simple steps, you can enroll your name in this competition. 

  1. Students can ask their respective subject teachers for registering their names for the exam. You can easily enroll your name for the Maths olympiad for class 1. 

  2. The teachers are quite familiar with the students who are interested in maths and they should support those students to compete at the national and international levels. 

  3. After joining the ITO, the schools are given an enrollment application on their website. 

  4. Apart from providing recognition, the ITO also provides cash, prizes, various awards and even scholarships to the students who do well in the examination.

The interesting facts about International Mathematical Olympiad 

There are several facts about International Mathematical Olympiad which will make you surprised. They are listed below. 

  • The syllabus of the International Mathematical Olympiad is designed in such a way that it creates a good balance between logical reasoning, creativity and knowledge. 

  • Your mathematical skills and creativity both become sharp as you have to use them in solving critical problems. 

  • You will see excellent developments in your arithmetical skills. 

  • The syllabus of the International Mathematical Olympiad includes different segments of maths like arithmetic, algebra, calculus, statics and geometry. So you will have to complete all the topics which will contribute to the total development of your mathematical skill. 

  • This programme is reorganised by UNESCO as an important event in mathematical education. 

  • The students of any class can join this programme, including a student from class 1, as there are different groups for them such as the Maths olympiad for class 1. 

  • It is the only mathematical competition designed for school students. 

The importance of the International Mathematical Olympiad should not be overlooked as it not only brings you recognition, awards or cash prizes. It may also unlock the rare opportunities to get direct admission to reputed foreign universities. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to join the Maths olympiad for class 1 and make your future brighter. 


  1. What are the benefits of joining the International Mathematical Olympiad? 

International Mathematical Olympiad is a programme conducted especially to find out the rare talents in maths from the high school level. The programme is divided into many parts depending on the grades of the students. A student of class 1 can only participate in the Maths olympiad for class 1. The programme not only identifies the students but also provides them with the necessary support to achieve their dreams. It is extremely beneficial for the students as it provides opportunities to brush their mathematical knowledge. As the students have to handle the different sets of questions they will have to achieve a clear understanding of the different types of mathematical concepts. The programme will improve their aptitude and boost their analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition to tall these, it is very helpful to improve their grades in academics. It makes the students well-prepared for other competitive exams and the students gain a clear view of logical reasoning. As the syllabus of the International Maths Olympiad includes topics beyond the school syllabus, the students will get a chance to learn something beyond their schools. Such programmes are very much necessary to boost the self-confidence of the students and judge their ability in a very clear way. It brings recognition as well as several opportunities to make the student’s future brighter.  

  1. What are the objectives of the International Mathematical Olympiad? 

The primary aim of the International Mathematical Olympiad is to increase the skill in the parts of mathematics. Apart from these, there are also several objectives of the International Mathematical Olympiad. They are listed below. 

  1. To help the students to gain knowledge about cyber concepts and information technology. 

  2. Boosting the knowledge of logical ability and reasoning and encouraging the students to perform in the most scientific way. 

  3. Testing the student’s overall skill in mathematics. 

  4. Bringing recognition and support to the students to achieve their future dreams. 

  5. Providing wonderful opportunities for them to make their future brighter. 

  6. Polishing their previous skills in maths. 

3. What is the eligibility to join the International Mathematical Olympiad? 

All the students from all over the world from class 1 to class 12 can participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad irrespective of their nationality. There is no such bar. The organisation believes in providing equal opportunities to all students to compete in the programme. But before competing in the International Mathematical Olympiad you must be selected through a national-level examination taken by your country. The exams are divided into many groups depending on the different standards of the students to recognize their weaknesses and strengths. A student of class 1 can also join the Maths olympiad for class 1.